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  1. Am 9. April 2010 um 23:28 Uhr veröffentlicht | Permalink

    love this!
    (bitte bitte mailen! in groß, ja? danke!)

  2. Am 10. April 2010 um 04:36 Uhr veröffentlicht | Permalink

    that´s really funny. im a singer that´s finishing my first cd solo. i´ll try to translate my bio for english, just for you to know me. write me in danielaaraujo.8@hotmail.com if, you want. i can show you the reality of my country and you can tell me some histories about your days in your beautiful place…
    thanks for let me know you´ve visited my blog.
    by the way, your blog is so nice!


    ps: sorry about my english, i´m still learning…

  3. Am 10. April 2010 um 19:48 Uhr veröffentlicht | Permalink

    HERRLICH !!!!

  4. Am 11. April 2010 um 09:57 Uhr veröffentlicht | Permalink

    now I see… I was thinking you were a completely stranger, sorry.
    i´m recording my first solo cd, but I sing and record with my brothers since I was three years old. all the musics I´m recording were made by me and we´re doing this album for 2 years, now. I think I have some influences in soul, rock and indie. i have a lot of crap on you tube, just unofficial videos, not nice. and i think because you don´t understand anything in portuguese, maybe this kind of video can make no sense to you. hahaha…
    and what do YOU do?

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  • Willkommen!


    Hier schreibt Mirjam Nietz. Ich lebe mit meinem Mann und drei Kindern auf dem Brandenburger Land - einen Fuß breit in Berlin, ständigem Nordweh im Bauch und einer Hand an der heißen Kaffitasse.
    Schön dass du dir Zeit nimmst!